Thursday, November 30, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs

Here are the Chiefs, fresh off their Super Bowl I appearance.
All of these players were starters, except for Pete Beathard and Bert Coan. (Mike Garrett was the starting halfback.) 
Bell and Holub were the outside linebackers, and Hunt and Robinson were the strong and free safeties, respectively.  (I will have to see how other cornerbacks and safeties are designated on these '67 cards.  I'm sure they all say "defensive back", so I don't know what is up with "defensive halfback".)

Back in 1967, I only bought one pack of AFL cards (but many, many packs of NFL cards). Curtis McClinton was one of the 5 players in that first pack. I got all the rest of these a few years ago, except for Bert Coan, which I just bought last week. 
So, I have all the Chiefs, and almost all the Dolphins and Chargers, plus a few cards from the other 6 teams. After more than a year of not buying cards, I recently bought about a dozen 1967 AFL cards, and about fifty 1966 NFL cards. My new goal is to complete those 2 sets, and then the 1969 set. (I have already completed the 1967 NFL set, the 1971 set, all but 2 cards in the 1968 set, and the first 2 series of 1972.) 
After that, who knows? I have about half of the 1973 set already, but that is a large set, and I still need about 270 cards to complete it. The 1969 set is smaller, but then I only have about 50 of the cards so far. 
1970? No, I only have about a dozen of those cards, so that's not something I want to start chasing.  Maybe the '64 and '65 NFL cards?

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