Thursday, May 8, 2014

And the #1 pick is...

Normally, this is a blog about 1967 football cards. To mark the occasion of the NFL draft, today we have some cross-set mojo, as I present the #1 overall draft picks for the years 1957 to 1971.

1957: Paul Hornung (Notre Dame) was selected by the Packers.
1958: King Hill (Rice) was selected by the Chicago Cardinals.
1959: Dick Bass (Pacific) was the #2 pick by the Rams. (QB Randy Duncan (Iowa) was drafted #1 by the Packers, but his only pro experience was 14 games (2 starts) for the 1961 AFL Texans.)

1960: Billy Cannon (LSU) was drafted by the Rams, but he signed with the AFL's Houston Oilers.
1961: Tommy Mason (Tulane) was selected by the Vikings.
1962: Roman Gabriel (NC State) was selected #2 by the Rams.  (Heisman Trophy winner Ernie Davis of Syracuse was selected #1 by the Redskins, then traded to the Browns.  He never played a down, having contracted leukemia.)

1963: Jerry Stovall (LSU) was selected #2 by the Cardinals. (QB Terry Baker (Oregon State) was drafted #1 by the Rams, but threw only 21 passes in 3 seasons with LA.)
1964: Dave Parks (Texas Tech) was drafted by the 49ers.
1965: Tucker Fredrickson (Auburn) was drafted by the Giants. (In that same draft, the Bears picked Dick Butkus and Gale Sayers with the #3 and #4 overall picks.)

1966: Tommy Nobis (Texas) was drafted by the Falcons in their inaugural season.
1967: Bubba Smith (Michigan State) was drafted by the Colts.
1968: Ron Yary (USC) was drafted by the Vikings.

1969: Runningback/criminal O.J. Simpson (USC) was drafted by the Buffalo Bills.
1970: Terry Bradshaw (Louisiana Tech) was drafted by the Steelers.
1971: Jim Plunkett (Stanford) was drafted by the Patriots, and took every snap in his rookie season.

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