Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Los Angeles Rams

Here are the 1967 Los Angeles Rams. The yellow borders of all the cards combine with the yellow nameplate on the Rams' cards to make for an explosion of yellow (which has always been my favorite color anyway!) I collected all these cards in 1967, except for Roman Gabriel, which I acquired a few years ago.

#85 Rams Team - The Rams were coached by George Allen from 1966 to 1970, then he moved to the Redskins (taking several veteran players with him). In 1966, they finished in 3rd place (8-6-0) in the 7-team Western Division. With the inclusion of the Saints in 1967, the NFL was re-aligned into four 4-team divisions. The Rams finished 1st (11-1-2) in the Coastal Division, which included the Colts (also 11-1-2), 49ers (7-7) and the Falcons (1-12-1). In the playoffs, they got blown out by the Packers (28-7), who were on their way to Super Bowl II.

#88 Roman Gabriel - Gabriel was the Raiders' #1 pick (1st overall) in the 1962 AFL draft, and the Rams' #1 pick (2nd overall) in the 1962 NFL draft. After sharing the starting assignments for 2 seasons with Zeke Bratkowski, followed by 2 seasons with Bill Munson, Roman started every game for the Rams from 1966-1971, and all but 1 game in 1972. After the 1972 season he was traded to the Eagles, where he played for 5 more seasons (the first 3 as the #1 QB). Gabriel was a 4-time Pro Bowler.

#93 Tom Moore - Tom was the Packers' #1 pick (5th overall) in the 1960 draft. After 6 seasons rushing and returning kicks for the Packers, he played for the Rams in 1966 and the Falcons in 1967.

#86 Dick Bass - Bass was the Rams' #1 pick (2nd overall) in the 1959 draft. He played his entire career (1960-69) with the Rams, and rushed for over 1000 yards in 1962 and 1966. He was the Rams' first 1000-yard back.

#91 Tommy McDonald - Tommy was the Eagles' 3rd-round pick in 1957. He played flanker for the Eagles (1957-63), Cowboys (1964), Rams (1965-66), Falcons (1967) and Browns (1968). In 1961, his 1144 receiving yards and 13 TDs led the NFL. He also had over 1000 receiving yards in '62 and '65. McDonald was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1998.

#92 Marlin McKeever - Marlin was the Rams' #1 pick (4th overall) in 1961. After playing outside linebacker for his first 3 seasons, McKeever switched to tight end during the 1963 season. After 6 seasons with the Rams, he spent the 1967 season with the Vikings. In 1966, he lost a finger in a car accident with teammate Roman Gabriel. Maybe this led to his switch to middle linebacker, the position he played for the Redskins (1968-70), the Rams (1971-72), and the Eagles (1973). According to Wikipedia, he and his twin brother appeared in The Three Stooges Meet Hercules in 1962.

#89 Bruce Gossett - Bruce had an 11-year career with the Rams (1964-69) and the 49ers (1970-74).

#90 Dave "Deacon" Jones - This 8-time Pro Bowler was a FOURTEENTH round pick for the Rams in 1961. He was a fixture at left defensive end for the Rams for 11 years, as a member of "The Fearsome Foursome". He was also the Chargers' starting left defensive end in 1972-73, before wrapping up his career in 1974 with the Redskins. Deacon was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1980.

#94 Merlin Olsen - Olsen was the Rams' #1 pick (3rd overall) in the 1962 NFL draft. (He was also the Broncos' #1 pick the same year.) He played his entire 15-year career as a starting defensive tackle for the Rams. He made the Pro Bowl in every season but his last, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1982. After his playing career, he was an announcer, and starred in 2 TV series (Little House on the Prarie and Father Murphy). He died one month ago.

#87 Maxie Baughan - Maxie was the Eagles' 2nd-round pick in 1960. He started every game at right linebacker for the Eagles from 1960-65, and for the Rams from 1966 until 2/3 of the way through the 1970 season. After not playing from 1971-73, he suited up for 2 games with the Redskins in 1974. Maxie played in 9 Pro Bowls.

#95 Clancy Williams - Clancy was the Rams' 1st-round pick in 1965. He was their starting left cornerback from 1965-70, and a backup in 1971-72. He also returned kicks during his first 4 seasons.

#96 Rams Logo - The Rams played in Cleveland from 1937-45, and in Los Angeles from 1946-94, before moving to St. Louis.

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Anonymous said...

check out the facemask, or lack thereof, on the McDonald card.cod

Jim from Downingtown said...

Heh, those guys were hardcore throwbacks - they didn't need no stinkin' facemasks!

Erik said...

As I stated in another comment, check out Gabriel's stats as compared to Namath's.

Namath is in the HOF for two reasons: Super Bowl III and the fact he played in New York.

Jim from Downingtown said...


Last week I was watching a DVD of Super Bowl VII (Dolphins/Redskins). Not only did Redskins' QB Bill Kilmer have only a single-bar facemask, but he didn't have a chinstrap on his helmet. There were several plays where his helmet was hit, causing it to ride up on his head, while he was scrambling around trying to throw a pass.

George Vreeland Hill said...

What memories these cards bring.
I had them all.
I wish the Rams were still in Los Angeles.

George Vreeland Hill