Saturday, April 18, 2020

Hall of Famers

I just posted the Hall of Famers in the 1968 and 1971 Topps sets. Here are the Hall of Famers in the 1967 Philadelphia Gum set, which included only the 16 NFL teams (and not the 10 AFL teams).

There are the 34 Hall of Famers in the 160-player set, which is only 4 less that the 1968 set, while having 10 less teams to work with.

This set included 160 players (10 per team), plus team photo and logo cards, checklists, and a few other miscellaneous cards.

As expected, the Packers lead the way (even without a card for Jim Taylor).

7 - Packers
4 - Redskins
3 - Bears, Browns, Colts, Cowboys, Rams
2 - Cardinals, Vikings
1 - Eagles, 49ers, Lions, Saints
0 - Falcons, Giants, Steelers

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sg488 said...

Actually it is 35 in the set and Packers 8,you forgot about Forrest Gregg.